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Social Media Manager / CRM Marketer / Content Marketer
Jacksonville, FL

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About Liana

Liana is a skilled professional with over eight years of experience in the world of social media (SM) and content marketing. She has an extensive background in managing social media accounts, crafting compelling emails, and working on strategy and lifecycle management. With a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and adaptability, Liana is an exceptional choice for prospective clients looking for an expert in the industry.

Liana has had the privilege of collaborating with several remarkable clients, including ASAPP, a company offering generative AI solutions to call centers, Tebra, a healthcare software company where she is currently assisting in a large company merger, and Axis Health System, where she is helping merge over 20 locations and build out a brand and content strategy. She is also working with Redding Road House, an upscale restaurant in Redding, CT.

Liana's proven track record of success includes working with several other prominent clients, such as Gregorys Coffee, where she ran their email marketing and strategy, and Regalix, where she helped run the SM strategy for NexGen and VMware. Her expertise extends to diverse industries, including Leaflink, a SAAS company in the marijuana industry, and GSV Ventures, a venture capitalist company focused on Ed-tech.

Liana is passionate about storytelling and community-building, consistently delivering exceptional results for her clients. She is hard-working, reliable, and skilled in her craft, making her an ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their marketing strategies. Prospective clients can be confident that Liana's unique blend of creativity, strategy, and adaptability will take their business to the next level. Her commitment to her clients' visions and expertise in SM and content marketing make her an excellent partner in making their business goals a reality.


Content Creation (UGC)
Social Media Marketing
TikTok (Organic)
Instagram (Organic)
YouTube (Organic)
Campaign Management
Content Marketing


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Sprout Social

Industry Experience

B2B SaaS
Food & Beverage
Mental Health & Wellness
Digital Products

Brand Experience

GSV Ventures / VMware Cloud Providers / Mindful

Case Studies

Selling out an event using social media
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Creating a LinkedIn presence for NASP
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Creating a content strategy for Exhibitry
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