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The Starters vs. MarketerHire: Freelance Platform Comparison

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Jai Dolwani

The Starters vs. MarketerHire

In the ever-evolving online landscape, e-commerce businesses need to build strong but dynamic teams to stay ahead. Keeping up with creative testing, diversifying media channels, and segmenting CRM are among several daily challenges for e-commerce businesses. With the market's rapid shifts, adaptability is key. That’s why a growing number of companies are embracing freelancers for crucial roles in marketing, creative, and technology. Freelancers offer the expertise you need, without long-term commitments.

But where do you find the best freelancers? Two platforms typically come to mind to founders and hiring managers: The Starters and MarketerHire. We both offer a selection of top-tier freelancers, but how do we stack up against each other?

Let’s break down a comparison between The Starters and MarketerHire, looking at freelancer vetting process, time to hire, and cost transparency.

The Starters vs. MarketerHire: Freelance Platform Comparison

Vetting Process

As an e-commerce business, we know how vital it is for you to have the right people on your team with specific channel and industry expertise. That’s why we focus on vetting talent exclusively within the e-commerce industry. 

From the initial sourcing to freelancer onboarding, we make sure that freelancers on our platform have industry experience. Our freelancers have proven themselves with leading e-commerce brands like Athletic Greens, Dr. Squatch, Liquid Death, and others.

In contrast, MarketerHire offers marketers from various industries, including enterprise software. While this might be suitable for some businesses, it doesn't provide the laser-focused expertise needed in e-commerce.

We also don’t stop at the initial interview and assessment process. Our quality checks continue even after freelancers join the platform. Client feedback and performance monitoring are vital to us, ensuring that our freelancers consistently meet the high standards expected in e-commerce.

MarketerHire may have a vetting process, but our dedication to e-commerce sets us apart.

For e-commerce businesses in need of specialized expertise, we’re the go-to platform. We combine an in-depth focus on e-commerce, a stringent vetting process, and ongoing quality assessments to find great freelancers for any e-commerce business.


As an e-commerce business, you want to ensure that every dollar counts when hiring freelance talent. At The Starters, we stand head and shoulders above MarketerHire in terms of transparency and cost-efficiency, and here’s why:

For $195/month, you get full & unlimited access to our entire roster of vetted marketers, creatives, and technologists. No hidden fees, no ongoing commissions, and no rate markups - we don’t take any fees or make any money outside of our membership. We believe in absolute transparency so that you can source exceptional talent without any financial surprises. Since freelancer and brand relationships are direct (i.e., we do not make payments go through us), you can be sure that every cent invested is in talent, not fees.

On the other side, MarketerHire employs a more convoluted pricing model. They stack an unspecified markup on top of freelancer rates, which is rumored to fluctuate between 50-100%, and sometimes even more. The opaque pricing structure keeps brands in the dark on how much the freelancer really costs, and freelancers in the dark about how much brands are paying to hire them.  Moreover, should you wish to hire a freelancer full-time through MarketerHire, you'd be faced with a buyout fee north of $20,000 (these numbers have been quoted to us confidentially by former MarketerHire customers). With The Starters, you don’t have to worry about any buyout fees.

Our subscription model is refreshingly simple and candid. We empower you to make informed decisions without getting tangled in the web of complex pricing structures.

In stark contrast, MarketerHire's pricing is shrouded in ambiguity. It's unclear what the additional markups entail or how they're calculated, which can lead to unanticipated expenses and strain your resource allocation. While MarketerHire does offer access to competent talent, their offering is tainted by lack of transparency and a murky pricing structure. This can be a major roadblock, particularly for smaller businesses or those operating on a tight budget.

The Starters surpasses MarketerHire with its unambiguous and cost-effective pricing. With no hidden expenses, a cost-effective subscription model, and a steadfast dedication to excellence, The Starters is the top pick for e-commerce brands in search of elite freelance talent at affordable rates.

You can use our calculator to find out how much you'd save using The Starters over a staffing agency like MarketerHire.


At The Starters, we know that speed is incredibly important to our members. Being able to quickly secure the right talent can give your business the edge it needs.

When you sign up for a Starters membership, you get immediate access to our entire roster of curated talent profiles. You can browse through these profiles, assess fit, and directly connect with freelancers that match your needs. Our streamlined process ensures that you can have the ideal freelancer ready to work in just minutes. It’s simple, transparent, and most importantly, FAST.

On the other hand, MarketerHire operates at a bit of a slower pace. After you submit your requirements, you wait for days as their team 1) schedules an initial sales call with you and 2) attempts to match you with a candidate. They present you with one option, and if it’s not a good fit, the process starts all over again. This can cause delays and reduces your ability to hire quickly, which is crucial in the fast-paced e-commerce sector.

In short, The Starters gets you on the fast track to connect with freelancers, while MarketerHire takes a slower path, similar to working with a staffing agency or recruiting firm. If you value speed, efficiency, and having control over the selection process, The Starters is the clear choice for your e-commerce business.


We’ve considered several crucial aspects, from talent quality to transparency and cost-efficiency in comparing The Starters vs. MarketerHire.

The Starters is the clear option for e-commerce brands in search of elite freelance marketing, creative, and technology talent. However, if you’re outside of the e-commerce space, MarketerHire may be a better option as The Starters focuses exclusively within e-commerce.

Here’s a summary of why The Starters is the frontrunner for e-commerce brands:

  • Unmatched Talent Pool: Our rigorous vetting process ensures that only the best e-commerce freelancers make it onto our platform
  • Rapid Hiring Process: With immediate access to a handpicked selection of e-commerce marketers, designers, and technologists, The Starters gets you in touch with the perfect freelancer in minutes, not weeks
  • Transparent & Cost-Effective: Our straightforward pricing structure leaves no room for hidden fees or commissions. We make sure more of your budget is spent on acquiring top talent.

While MarketerHire is a sizable platform, particularly if you’re looking to hire outside the e-commerce sector, The Starters' unwavering commitment to excellence in key areas makes us the obvious choice for e-commerce.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming e-commerce startup or an established brand aiming to scale, your success relies heavily on the talent you bring on board. The Starters provides you with access to an exceptional pool of e-commerce freelancers, coupled with transparency, cost-efficiency, and outstanding support.

If you need to hire a freelancer for your e-commerce business, find out why we're the go-to platform here, and when you're ready, sign up for an account.

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