How Unbound Snacks replaced all their agencies with freelancers

After striking out with multiple agencies, Unbound Snacks turned to The Starters to hire a full team of elite freelancers to grow their business.


Revenue Increase


Opex Decrease


Annual Savings
A conversation with:
Rikki Bhatti
Owner, Unbound Snacks

The Problem

Unbound Snacks was the product of 3rd generation family farmers who felt as though walnuts should have a larger share of the snacking market due to their unique health benefits and taste.

They’ve developed the freshest, tastiest roasted & seasoned walnuts on the market, but were struggling to grow e-commerce sales after relying on the support of agencies to get them off the ground.

Nearly a year into starting the brand, the Unbound team was seeing less than a 0.2x return on ad spend and was unable to scale with their agencies.

The Solution

After learning about The Starters, the Unbound Snacks team immediately signed up to find great talent to help turn around the ecommerce business.

Over the last several months, Unbound Snacks has hired the following roles via The Starters:

  • Paid Social Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Paid Search Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Head of Growth
"It's been really easy to find great talent at reasonable rates" - Rikki B., CEO of Unbound Snacks

By hiring freelancers, the team has been able to transition out each and every agency they had previously worked with.

The Results

Unbound’s collaboration with The Starters drove immediate improvements in revenue and media efficiency while also cutting operating expenses by more than 50%.

“It was great to cut costs but also drive our revenue up with freelancers from The Starters. Glad we made the switch.” - Rikki B.

Unbound Snacks is now poised to hit a 7-figure annual run rate in 2024, a testament to the power of freelancers in revitalizing the brand's online presence.

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