How RadiatorNow increased revenue by 50% with 1 freelancer

RadiatorNow increased revenue by 50% by switching from an agency to a freelancer from The Starters


Revenue Increase


Decrease in Opex


Annual Savings
A conversation with:
Roger D.
Founder, RadiatorNow

The Problem

RadiatorNow is run by a Southern California-based radiator distributor that has been in the auto parts business for over 20 years.

As a part of an effort to modernize the business, the management team launched in 2020 to enter e-commerce and boost overall sales.

Initial results were solid, but the business capped out at ~$100,000 in monthly revenue with their previous agency. 

“We saw strong initial results with our ads agency, but that flattened over time and we didn’t feel prioritized as a client” - Roger D., founder of RadiatorNow

The Solution

The RadiatorNow team turned to The Starters to find experts in Google Ads who could help improve overall performance, but were willing to take on the account with <$1,000 retainer budget.

The team initially spent $350 on a one-time audit from a senior Google expert with auto parts experience, then went with another expert to manage the account on an ongoing basis.

The Results

Since RadiatorNow transitioned to using a freelancer from The Starters, monthly revenue has increased by over 50%, while their OPEX has reduced from ~$1K/mo (agency) to $600/mo using a freelancer.

“Pauline has been excellent for us. Great results, constant communication and updates.” - Roger D., founder of RadiatorNow

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