How Paravel went from freelancer search to onboarding in less than 2 weeks

Paravel, a luxury, sustainable travel brand, was able to go from search to onboarding call in less than 2 weeks.

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A conversation with:
Paige Mohan
VP Growth, Paravel

The Problem

Paravel, a luxury, sustainable travel brand, was searching for a marketer to help them scale influencer marketing efforts.

Previously, they had turned to hiring agencies, overseas talent, or full-time employees when they had a talent need, but neither of those options were ideal.

“Those avenues either require expensive retainers, long-term commitments, and/or significant time to source + onboard effectively.” - Paige Mohan, VP of Growth

The Solution

Paige, their VP of Growth, turned to The Starters to find a vetted & affordable influencer marketing freelancer.

Within minutes of using the platform, she was able to find 3 influencer marketers that seemed to be strong candidates, and was introduced to all 3 in less than 24 hours.

While browsing through talent profiles on The Starters, Paige also found highly qualified Shopify Developers and decided to hire for that role as well.

“Because the freelancers on The Starters are pre-vetted, we were just as confident in the quality of the candidates as we would be working with a recruiting agency.” - Paige

The Results

Paige was able to hire and kick off with an influencer marketer within 2 weeks of using the platform, which is significantly faster than other hiring avenues.

“The turnaround time from submitting a project request on The Starters to having our kick-off call with our new freelancer was under two weeks. If we attempted to hire this same talent through alternative options, we would likely be just kicking off initial interviews with prospects at the two week mark.” - Paige

At the same time, Paige was able to find a great freelancer Shopify Developer they’ll likely onboard as well. 

By using The Starters, Paravel was able to save time, money, and source top-tier talent to help grow their brand.

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