How Ombre found an Amazon marketer & saved 60% on hiring costs

Ombre, a company focused on improving gut health, quickly found an expert Amazon marketer on The Starters after exhausting other hiring venues.


Cost Savings

1 Day

Time to Hire

2 Hrs

Talent Response Time
A conversation with:
Piotr Kuczynski
COO, Ombre

The Problem

Ombre sought to find someone to overhaul their Amazon advertising strategy to continue growth in the channel after hitting a plateau, but their previous hiring channels just weren’t producing quality candidates at affordable costs.

Piotr Kuczynski, their COO, knew he didn’t want to work with an agency because of problems they had experienced in the past.

“The primary issues with agencies included a need for more direct access to subject matter experts due to constantly changing team members, with interactions mainly limited to an account manager. Additionally, agency fees were often prohibitive for a small brand like ours, particularly when the outcomes did not meet our expectations and revenue targets.” - Piotr K.

He had also explored other freelance marketplaces and staffing agencies but wasn’t able to find the right fit for the role.

The Solution

After turning to The Starters, Piotr was able to quickly find 2 highly relevant, qualified candidates to interview for the job.

Because everyone on The Starters is pre-vetted, Piotr was able to conduct a quicker, more streamlined interview process focused more on cultural fit over technical know-how.

“The Starters' rigorous candidate screening process, particularly for their skills and abilities, allowed us to concentrate on selecting someone who would excel in their role and seamlessly integrate with our team and work culture. This approach enabled us to efficiently allocate our interviewing efforts, ensuring candidates were proficient in Amazon platform advertising without excessively focusing on verifying their expertise.” - Piotr K.

After interviewing both candidates, Piotr eventually decided to hire Katie, an Amazon expert with experience launching & growing the Amazon channel for Burst Oral Care, Art of Sport, and several other CPG brands.

The Results

After just a few days of working together, Piotr knew he had made the right decision to work with Katie.

“Katie brought her A+ game from the jump. Really glad we found her so quickly.” - Piotr.

He also noted that Ombre had saved a good amount of money using The Starters over staffing agencies, sharing that staffing agency fees had previously amounted to 60% of the freelancer rates he had been charged in the past.

By using The Starters, Ombre was able to quickly find a rockstar freelancer at an affordable rate.

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