How mate used The Starters to find consultants for paid media channels

Jordan Elist, mate's Founder, used The Starters to find paid media coaches to help level up his e-commerce knowledge & skillset


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A conversation with:
Jordan Elist
Founder & CEO, mate

The Problem

Jordan Elist, founder of mate, was running all new customer acquisition efforts himself, but didn’t have a background in e-commerce or marketing.

Bringing on an agency or full-time employee would’ve been too cost prohibitive, and he wanted to learn how to do things better himself.

He had previously tried to source freelancers on Upwork, but wasn’t happy with the quality of work, communication, or results.

“Upwork is a mess— I’ve tried to use it so many times and continue to be disappointed with the results.” - Jordan

The Solution

Jordan turned to The Starters to find paid media consultants to coach him on paid social and paid search while also taking on the heavy lifting on each of those channels.

After talking to a few freelancers on the platform, Jordan found a great Paid Search Marketer that he worked with to improve the performance of his Google Ads campaigns. Through working with him, Jordan also increased his knowledge on Google Ads.

Jordan also brought on a part-time Paid Social coach, to help him optimize his TikTok campaigns. He meets with his coach every two weeks to talk through optimizations and adjustments to his existing campaigns.

The Results

Through working with talent on The Starters, Jordan was able to find freelancers that actually improved results on both Paid Search and Paid Social. 

He also saved a considerable amount of time in the interview process, knowing the talent on The Starters was pre-vetted.

“It’s so much easier to hire from The Starters since I know everyone’s already been vetted by Jai, the founder.” - Jordan

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